Double Inlet, Belt Drive Blower Wheel A9-9A (3/4 Bore)

Wheel Model: A9-9A, Bore Size: 3/4, Manufacturer: Lau
SKU: BW000659
Manufacturer part number: 00851912


      Set Screw: 1

      Key Way: 0.19 x 0.09

      Y: 9 1/2 W: 9 1/2 D: 9 1/2 X: 7 11/16 U: 1 1/4" Z: 2 15/16 H: 43 (see Image 2)

      Max: Wheel Cage RPM: 2400

      Applications: Heating, Air Conditioning

      Duplicating Double Inlet Wheel

      Step-by-step instructions on duplicating a double inlet wheel with two single inlet wheels.

      Removing Hub from Blower Wheel

      Step-by-step instructions on removing the hub from a blower wheel using a hub puller.

      Replacing the Blower Wheel

      Step-by-step instructions on replacing a blower wheel.

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