Single Inlet 3 27/32" x 1 1/4" CCW Galvanized Blower Wheel

3 27/32" Diameter, 1 1/4" Width, 1/4" Bore Size, Counter-Clockwise Rotation, Manufacturer: Lau
SKU: BW000479
Manufacturer part number: 02895773

      Applications: Fan Coil Units, Room Air Conditioners, Draft Inducers, Power Burners, Heaters, Packaged Terminal Air
      Conditioners (PTAC) systems, Carrier, Max RPM: 4500

      Duplicating Double Inlet Wheel

      Step-by-step instructions on duplicating a double inlet wheel with two single inlet wheels.

      Removing Hub from Blower Wheel

      Step-by-step instructions on removing the hub from a blower wheel using a hub puller.

      Replacing the Blower Wheel

      Step-by-step instructions on replacing a blower wheel.