Swept 3-Blade 22" 28° Propeller

Fan blade, 22" Diameter, 28° Pitch, Clockwise Rotation, Interchangeable Hub Location, Manufacturer Lau
SKU: PR002875
Manufacturer part number: 6140660001


      Made of high strength aluminum

      Can be used to replace a square condenser propeller to make the unit 10x quieter

      Applications: Condensing units desiring low noise and high efficiency

      How to Install Universal Hub

      Step-by-step instructions on installing a universal hub on a propeller.

      How to Use a Pitch Gauge

      Step-by-step instructions on how to use a pitch gauge to determine a propeller's pitch.

      Replacing the Propeller

      Step-by-step instructions on replacing the propeller and motor of your air condensing unit.

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